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Cosmetic dentistry Cosmetic dentistry

Are your teeth discolored or has an accident or tooth decay left you with broken or missing teeth? Let Alliance Family Dentistry help you improve the look of a beautiful, healthy smile you’ll feel great about showing off.

“You guys are the best. I cannot compliment you enough. We value you as our FAMILY Dentistry Staff. Thanks again!”

– Bob D.

Your smile can be restored if you have missing or broken teeth. For these issues, the staff at Alliance Family Dentistry offers many kinds of restorative procedures including bridges, crowns, implants and more. We’ll have you smile again in no time!


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Restorative care

  • Age

  • Smoking and tobacco use

  • Coffee, wine, and tea

  • Sugary and acidic foods

  • Poor oral hygiene habits

  • Fluorosis

  • Metal fillings and crowns

  • Certain medications

Correct discoloration from:

Over time, teeth can become yellowed with age, food and drink, or tobacco use. Our simple whitening procedure can help brighten your teeth and take years off of your smile by gently lifting stains and correcting discoloration.  

Teeth whitening

Revive the look of beautiful teeth